Quintessence Music Group is proud to announce that three new artists are joining the QMG team. New Jersey death metal band Julius Seizure, alternative rock band Drop The Down from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and alternative rock/ indie artist Unknown Component from Central Iowa. For more information and news on these three upcoming artists head over to Quintessence Music Group. And if you are an artist or band in need of promotion, message QMG and join the team!


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Are you a musician or band looking to play more gigs? Need an extra hand? At QMG you can have two! QMG is looking to help artists book shows in their area and help out as much as possible. Head over to the QMG page now to contact them and let them know what they can do for you and your music.

Will you be in the Philly area tomorrow night at 8:00 PM? If you are, make sure to check out the acoustic artist Christian Bitto and his band as they play at the North Star Bar. The event is $8 and for ages 21+. More information can be found here.

Don’t forget to check Christian Bitto out on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, listen and get his album on Band Camp, watch him on Youtube, and check him out on Tumblr.

Are you a musician looking for more publicity and promotion of your shows? Head over to QMG and email the information needed. QMG, also known as Quintessence Music Group is an up and coming music management company geared towards up and coming artists. At QMG, nothing is more important than the music.

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Quintessence Music Group Artist Christian Bitto will be playing two local shows in Philadelphia over the next few weeks. One tomorrow night May 4th at the Green Line Cafe, and the other on Saturday May 19th.

For more information, head over to the QMG page here.

Quintessence Music Group is my current project and I am very devout to it. Along with several others, QMG is determined to help up and coming musicians. No matter the distance, QMG has one thing in mind, music. Through social networking sites and a couple of blogs, we would like to update readers on anything and everything related to your music. As cheesy as it sounds, help us, help you. What would happen if you agree to let us help?  We would write an article about you on the QMG page, add you to the artists section, and provide all links to your pages. Any news you have about upcoming shows or anything you are working on, we would write articles about and link to via social networking and the blogs mentioned above. If you are interested, please head over to Quintessence Music Group or email at quintessencemusicgroup@gmail.com.

With the current submissions I have been getting, I decided to take it one step further. I am in the process of making a new venture with some friends in which we help promote artists and bands as best we can. We have several other ideas in mind but for now, ti will be all about publicity via social newtworking, this blog and the official blog found here.

Once again if you are an artist or musician please let us passionate music fans help you as best we can. At FYM and Quintessence Music Group(QMG),nothing matters more than the music.

The best thing about music, is the way we can express ourselves through art. The next best thing is listening to others express themselves. Christian Bitto is a breath of fresh air in the music business. A musician that is heavily involved in everything that gets done in his music, this singer/songwriter cares about his music and what he expresses. From Philadelphia, PA he can be seen playing shows with a couple of friends or by himself, often playing acoustically and with a band in one performance. For more information and to check out his music head over to page 2!

In the Philly area? Check out Christian and his band play on March 21st at the Fire in Philadelphia.

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Borrowed from Christian Bitto Music Facebook Page

Borrowed from Christian Bitto Music Facebook Page

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